Stepping out of my comfort zone.


Over the last few days England has been hit by more snow than we know what to do with. In typical British style, as with any extremity in weather here, absolute chaos has ensued. Schools have shut, public transport has been cancelled mid-journey and worries that we’d run out of gas have plagued our minds.

As a nation, we are ill-equipped to deal with anything more than a couple of inches of snow. Mothers bite their lips nervously in fear of their sweet darlings tumbling off their sledges, hoards of shoppers panic buy essential items from supermarkets incase they’re housebound for a couple of days and I, well, I’m no different. Yesterday morning was so chilly that I only managed a few steps down my street when I turned back, waited in the lobby of my flat and ordered an Uber to work. For the duration of my chauffeured commute, I assured myself again and again that I’d work harder on being a strong independent woman tomorrow.

In much the same way that I fled from the prospect of an uncomfortably icy stroll, I have found myself increasingly side stepping anything that may cause unnecessary discomfort in my life. I’m stuck in a rut. At twenty six I should be throwing myself head first into opportunities and experiences that I would never ordinarily encounter…but I’m not.

I’ve had a number of different jobs, embarked on numerous qualifications and as a result made life long friends during all of these experiences. I’ve uprooted myself to four different parts of the country and, having finally found a place I love enough to call home, took my first step on the property ladder at twenty three. Yet somewhere along the way I stopped taking risks. I found myself a boyfriend with whom I share a love of indulgently lazy weekends and am surrounded by a collection of old friends who have gravitated towards this city. So I potter around in comfortable familiarity. I rarely seek out new friendships or new opportunities to enhance my already content life.

This year is my year to change that. I’m not trying to do anything radical I just want to be more open to new things…and so this blog is born. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained- right?