Channelling Spring vibes.


You’d be forgiven for forgetting that today is (or ought to be) the first day of Spring. We are still grappling with yet more snow, seem to be a million miles away from the sunshine and I’m curled up in bed with the worst illness I’ve had in years.

As April looms closer I’m all too aware that I’m nowhere near ready to let go of my chunky knit sweaters and bowls of tomato soup. Yet, I want that feeling that comes with Spring. I want that feeling of a new start and new possibilities. So, I’m resolving to channel Spring vibes even when the weather outside isn’t playing ball.

With Winter, comes the desire to hibernate under my duvet. Healthy eating falls to the wayside as I indulge in junk food safe in the knowledge that any extra pounds will be hidden under cosy jumpers. Gym sessions and runs in the sunshine are neglected at the first sight of chilly weather when Netflix marathons and cuddles in bed are so much more appealing. But Summer has to come around and so too does a healthy mentality.

Something’s got to give. I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend that’s filled to the brim with useless bits of tat that we have both accumulated over the years. Pieces that I’m sure would be endearing in a nice little house but that are ridiculous and needless in a tiny flat. Yet somehow I still cannot let go. I cannot part with my childhood books, with phone chargers that I know are broken but daren’t discard and with old nail varnishes that are starting to solidify. It’s got to stop. 

Even with the winter chill outside, I’m resolving to have a spring clean, to start a new fitness routine and to focus on a healthier diet. I’m donning on the marigolds ready to tidy my apartment, I’ve purchased some daffodils for my dreary mantelpiece and I’m trying to convince myself that (contrary to the weather outside) spring has indeed sprung! Here’s to hoping it works!